the Horn Locator


Try outs at my shop are encouraged. Dates and times can be arranged. Please email me with your requests.

Payments can be made by: PayPal; Credit Card; or Cash. Checks are accepted; however, they must clear before a Horn can be released.

Shipping a Horn for try outs is not offered. However, if a Horn is purchased outright, it can be shipped for an additional charge to cover the cost of Shipping and Handling; plus, Packaging and Insurance. 

Horns are offered at a variety of reasonable prices to accommodate individual budget requirements. They are purchased on an "As Is"; " No Return"; basis. 

  Guarantees or Warranties are not offered; however, every effort has been made to offer a Reliable Horn; Mechanically Sound, Clean and Concert Ready. 

Some new "Professional" Grade Horns are showing prices over $5000.
New "Intermediate" Grade Horns are over $3000.


New and used "Custom" Horns are usually unaffordable for most players and not required for Middle School, High School and most College applications.
 However; college and conservatory students, working toward a Musical Degree in Performing Horn, may find it to their competitive advantage to invest in such an instrument. This is not the market I seek to serve.